Alpha v0.1

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  • Fly in different vessels.

  • Ship Shields and Boost Pickups to help you survive longer..

  • Single-player campaign where the stakes increase with every mission.

  • Thousands of projectiles on screen at every time.

  • Consistent graphics and performance even on really low hardware specs.

  • Shooter-style control and flight system optimized for Mouse and Gamepad use.

  • Collect coins to unlock new ships with unique attributes and special weapons.

  • Featuring gameplay directly inspired by some of my favorites, r-type, blazing star.

  • Slow down time system to avoid bullets. (bullet time)

  • Big Arsenal, From Plasma Cannons to Shock Rays, Railguns, Drones, Air-To-Air Missiles, and Loadup Gatlings, a vast array of weapons is at your disposal.

  • More than one hour of breathtaking original soundtrack.

  • SFX just like from a blockbuster Movies.

  • Release Date: Winter 2022.